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Always wanted to know how to be a better dad? Maybe you’ve been an excellent example and would like to provide help for other fathers. Christian ministries like Abiding Fathers are not only a ministry for Christian men, but all types of dads.

We are looking for 2,500 Colleagues to train the next generation of dads!

As a mature father and leader in your household, have you ever wondered how you can use all of your wisdom and experience to properly encourage and equip other fathers or to simply make a difference?

So, what is a Colleague? Colleagues are men who have been called by God with a burden for the family and the fathers that must lead them. Since equipping the next generation of fathers is critical to our mission, we believe that training mature fathers and grandfathers as Colleagues is necessary to impact millions of dads in America over the next decade and beyond.

Our Colleague training is an opportunity for you to be equipped and to make a significant impact on our families and nation as a whole. Use our curriculum combined with all your real life stories of successes and failures to disciple the next generation of fathers. Most of these men did not either have a father in their life or a poor experience if they did. How will they successfully lead their families without your teaching, mentoring and guidance?

Curriculum has been specifically developed to accomplish this. The Abiding Fathers’ Colleague Institute has been created to ‘train the trainers’. Maybe you are sensing this call or know someone who is. The time is now! Contact us so we may, together, reverse the trend from ‘absent to abiding’. Several venues are designed for Colleagues to accomplish the mission. These include 8-12 week sessions, weekend retreats, seminars and social media. In churches, prisons and jails, pregnancy centers, camp dads, sports groups—your circle of influence.

Committed to equipping the next generation of fathers in America!

Before you get started with the Study Guide, it’s recommended that you read From Faith to Faith first, as the Study Guide makes references to passages in From Faith to Faith. Download the ebook here.

Abiding Fathers Colleagues

Name City, State
Dave Adamson Garland, TX
Michael Berrier Desoto, TX
Dick Blanc Carrollton, TX
Brad Bunnett Dallas, TX
Jeff Burgher Coppell, TX
Greg Burns Dallas,TX
Scot Clevenger Plano, TX
Jack Compton Keller, TX
Darryl Cothron Southlake, TX
Michael Darby Carrollton, TX
Roman DeLeon DeSoto, TX
Edward Dery Edinburgh, TX
Bill Dotson Dallas, TX
Daniel Drefke Edinburgh, TX
PJ Dunn Dallas, TX
Mark Glosser Dallas, TX
Rafael Gutierrez Plano, TX
Royce Hall Granbury, TX
John Hampton Carrollton, TX
Chris Harden Plano, TX
John Hart Dallas, TX
Ryon Hukil Plano, TX
Kenneth James DeSoto, TX
Alonso Lopez Edinburgh, TX
Name City, State
Clarence Miller Richardson, TX
Victor Miranda Arlington, TX
Dr. Kerry Moore Desoto, TX
Marty Moore Edinburgh, TX
Tom O’Dwyer Dallas, TX
David Palmer Edinburgh, TX
Jeff Parker Rowlett, TX
Juan Reaves Dallas, TX
Scott Rismiller Southlake, TX
Kent Roberts Dallas, TX
Walterio Rodriguez Edinburgh, TX
Henry Rousseau Grand Prairie, TX
Stan Sanders Plano, TX
Jim Schnefke Frisco, TX
Steve Shrum Southlake, TX
Clay Smith Dallas, TX
Wade Sousa Dallas, TX
Cody Stinson Desoto, TX
Juan Tovias Edinburgh, TX
Mike Wadsworth Dallas, TX
Roy Watson Duncanville, TX
David Williams DeSoto, TX
James Williams Dallas, TX
John Wodka Plano, TX

How do I sign up?  I want to become a Colleague and impact the future generations of fathers in America. Send me some material today! Here is my contact information.