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by John Wodka

ABSENT…is a state of not being in a place at a given time, or missing as opposed to present. Like being absent from a meeting or class. AWOL was a term first used in the Confederate Army and now the U.S military. It describes those who were not present at their post or duty without […]

Vida Hoy

by John Wodka

Primero lo primero…es una expresión asociada con establecer prioridades. Nuestra tendencia es la de poner “el carro delante de los bueyes”, hablando en sentido figurado. Dar el primer paso es algunas veces los más difícil. Para alcanzar tu primer millón de dólares, tienes que trabajar fuerte para devengar y economizar los primeros $10,000. Cuando vas […]

First Things First

by John Wodka

First things first…is an expression long associated with priorities. We all tend to get the cart before the horse, so to speak. Taking that first step is sometimes the most difficult. To earn your first million, you have to work very hard to make and save the first $10,000. When going on a trip to […]

Thoughts About My Father

by John Wodka

Richard Weldon Lunsford January 3, 1934 – July 1, 2017 I have been “wandering through the fog” in my mind and emotions of knowing how to use the events of the past several weeks to instruct and guide my future – both immediate and long term.  The reality of how quickly the ebb and flow […]

Be The Dad Movement

by John Wodka

In early 2016, the vision for a movement was born. Abiding Fathers is a ministry dedicated to helping fathers understand the God-ordained role each has been given. We produced some great personal testimony videos, and in the process, the vision became a reality. The question to be answered was how and what would the movement […]