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Amazement and Wonder


Just reflecting…  Amazement and wonder, we literally stand in awe; Beginning with creation and what the shepherds saw. Every sunset is a testimony of His love for beauty; The flowers and birds shout acclamation to the Trinity. An ocean view, a howling wind and a deep blue sky; A youngster’s laugh, a full moon, even […]



Discipline…seems to be lacking in the lives of the majority of people today. You see it everywhere with families and unruly children. Many kids have never been given boundaries. They are flailing at life, acting out their frustrations in poor and sometimes violent ways. I was watching some pro football today and you see the […]

Love Delivers


LIFE SPEAKS TO US! By Bill C. Dotson LoveDelivers…is a new online business of my granddaughter, Annie, and her friend, McKinley. It can be viewed on They hand design your favorite scripture in many varied forms of lettering and are using the sale proceeds to finance their summer mission trip. Check it out. Great […]

Let God Call the Shots


LIFE SPEAKS TO US! The Abiding Fathers blog is a collection of works from our founder, Bill Dotson, along with stories from guest bloggers, providing help for Christian men and all types of fathers. GOLF…is a game that captured me for a number of my adult years.  Besides the joy of fellowship, being outdoors experiencing […]