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“You go on and play with the dollhouse. I’m going in and pray with my daddy.”

That’s what Kyle heard and experienced recently. He was in his room having his morning time with the Lord. His daughter Chloe, a kindergartener, had a friend over to spend the night. They got up and were headed to play. As they passed the room, she saw her dad praying. So she encouraged her friend to go on ahead-she would be there soon. WOW!!!

Dad, Mom and daughter routinely pray together in their home. So, this was a natural and developed pattern for her.  Better caught than taught comes to mind! Young children are following what we dads are modeling. Jesus is our perfect role model. He went out early to worship and pray to His heavenly Father. The disciples saw this. They, like Chloe, were being shown a daily practice by their “Disciple Maker”.

Then one day they came to Him—guess what—the disciples wanted Jesus to teach them to pray. He had not to my knowledge up to that point asked, demanded or cajoled them to pray. They evidently sensed a power in His life different from anyone else—and I think they may have gotten a sense that it was being developed through prayer. Wouldn’t you?

Praying with and watching her dad pray drew Chloe to him that morning. She wasn’t looking for power in her life. She was simply experiencing God through Kyle’s obedience to the Lord. Dads, you and I are the earthly image of the heavenly Father. They draw conclusions about Him through us. Frightening!!! But it doesn’t have to be. Daily time in our prayer closet is vital to our own and our family’s well-being. And you just never know who’s watching from another room!

“No learning can make up for the failure to pray. No earnestness, no diligence, no study, no gifts will supply its lack.” E. M. Bounds

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Bill C. Dotson

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